S LAB SENSE from Salomon

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21/11/2012 by Ironman Coach

To be very honest ….. I still don’t know what to think about this beautiful trail running shoe …. ordering and paying and getting it delivered in Bucharest was a long adventure indeed. 
It took me two calls in Germany and Austria, about 4 E-Mails to Germany, USA and Austria, a Facebook correspondence with Salomon in France, a lot of written correspondence to the Romanian sales representative. I will not complain now about the sale refuse first (sort of “we do not sell this model, it is too complicated, we order our products one year before, so we cannot import now the models you wish” and such of incrredible stuff), then about the too poor product advice I’ve got in Romania before ordering the both pairs of shoes, or about other things I had to experience during delivery and after delivery … this is Romania and I still live here and I cannot change anything around me. But I can mention that finally they imported the products for me – I wanted 3 models, but we couldn’t agree the final price (discounted) and I couldn’t afford the difference of about 200 RON more -, they delivered about one month earlier without previous communication, I had to return the package as it was an aberration to pay cash the huge amount (no money in the pocket, I mean it!), I had to obtain the money and they send the package again, getting delivered today!
So, back to the product itself:
+ points:
It is very light indeed! 
It is very beautiful, if you like red and white.
– points:
It seems to be unexpected tight/narrow.
Surprised to have sweaty socks at the end, as I normally do not have with other running shoes.
It seems that size 6,5 UK (40 EUR) feels like 6 UK (39,5 EUR), which is a problem. 
Buying shoes on internet is always risky. 
But I already have a Salomon experience:
 These one are 6,5 UK and are a little bit too big for me, I always have a thicker sock inside, for stability and security. I normally wear 39 EUR, also 40 for hiking boots, for winter boots and so on. So, having these, I tried to get some professional advice from the Romanian seller, but his reply was everything else but not a professional one. So, I ordered the same size, 6,5 UK. And I am not very happy with it. A size 7 UK would have been probably much better.

The difference in the middle is quite obvious … the red one is much tighter, right? I really wonder why, as both models are for trail running. The yellow one is for cold time, winter and so on …. is this the reason?

But I said OK, have some patience, go running with it, take thin socks, even there are about +5 degrees C outside, take the risk! 

How they feel running with?
Unexpected, but I’ve run 16 km this evening, 1h33′. Because these shoes …. are so light! I felt very clear that my experience running in VFF helped a lot! No joke!
This is VFF, for people do not know what I mean:
I am not an expert, but I have to say it again: running with S Lab Sense it means a different way of running. You should be familiar with the barefoot running, for sure, this is my clear feeling. Otherwise you could get damaged entering directly into S Lab Sense, especially on a trail. I run tonight in the park, in the city, also not directly on the trail, where they probably belong to. 

I felt good, this is for sure, otherwise I wouldn’t run so long.

They are good for summer, not for cold days. 
 Read this, it sounds as it is so, but myself I did not tested it on the mountains yet:

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