Winter biking exceptional gloves

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08/11/2012 by Ironman Coach

Since I have got these gloves – over one year now – I have no winter cold troubles on bicycle. They are, as description promised, ultra-warm and protective, also waterproof and having a breathable membrane technology. They also have gel padding on the palm. They are essential for chilly rides during cold winter.
Shortly, the most important features:
  • 100% waterproof and breathable
  • Designed for use in colder conditions.
  • Primaloft® insulation provides excellent thermal protection.
  • Gel padding on the palms ensures comfort.
  • Extended cuff, nose wipe on thumb and reflective trim to back of hand.

Waterproof, breathlabe technology:

  • Sealskins products incorporate a unique, seamless three-layer technology.
  • A close fitting inner actively wicks sweat and moisture away from the skin
  • A waterproof, breathable membrane that prevents water entering, but allows moisture vapour to escape for dryness and comfort.
  • A tough, durable outer that stands up to shoe abrasion and repeated washing.
I used them already for entire last winter, as we had -20°C and lower and I still used to use my bike for going to work or through the frozen city in the week-ends. They are senzational, I never got cold hands in it.
Costs: around 70 euros.
Later I saw on Discovery a detailed documentary about seals …. and I felt so guilty remembering that my riding gloves I love so much are made from seal skin …. then I saw on internet that the industry on this segment is pretty hudge … it hurts and, although I love this gloves, I always have to remember about the seals living in freedom …. killed for their skin …. ugly person is the human being, right?

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