>Himalaya reloaded 2011-14th day-Gokyo Ri

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08/03/2011 by Ironman Coach


14th day of trek, 26th of December 2010

Gokyo (4.790 m alt) – Gokyo Ri (5.550 m alt.)
A sort of rest day

So, yesterday evening was probably not a very happy one, but all these belongs to any adventure in the wildness. Somebody asked me once, if I am not afraid of going alone. The first thought I had and the reply I gave: “If you start being afraid of something it could occur on your way, you better stay at home. You have to be mentally prepared for everything, to give and to get everything is possible. All or nothing! You are in places where you cannot negotiate, so simply is that.”
As I entered the dinning room last evening there were 5 persons inside, sitting around the big warm stove. I entered the room and I went straight to a corner and looking on the large window over the big dark lake, with my back to all others, I cried and I cried and I cried so intensive, until I was to tired for crying. Nobody said anything. I suppose all of them were shocked or something, otherwise I cannot accept the idea they were simply indifferent. After I stopped, I asked somebody to take a picture of me in that bad position, all face only tears :-). So, this was already a sign that I actually felt pretty well or taking pictures doesn’t matter under which circumstances is just a reflex of mine when I am traveling (?). Even if I ‘d feel I die in the next 5 minutes I will think about being captured in a last picture.
I calmed down shortly and I joined the others near the hot stove, after a while I began to get off my dawn clothes. I ate a tasty Sherpa stew, I ordered a small pot of ginger tea and the dinner. I had a bad idea ordering lasagna, I couldn’t eat it, so I paid 500 rupies for nothing. I was very sorry for their effort to prepare that lasagna, but I really couldn’t eat it. I wonder they offer sorts of meals they even cannot prepare. I ordered it from curiosity and I ended the day going to bed with an empty stomach. My choice, my mistake, that was the price for it.
(it will follow) 

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